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USSD Martial Arts School, Mission Viejo, CA - North

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Martial Arts for adults

Martial Arts for adults

More energy and greater productivity – Lifting weights for hour after hour on the elliptical machine gets boring pretty fast. Not martial arts. Kenpo Karate is an ever-increasing series of challenges (belts & ranks). It keeps things fresh. You learn new skills and techniques every week. And you often don’t even realize you’re exercising!

Leadership – Through your martial arts training you learn even more leadership skills… like how to speak in front of a group and communicate effectively, how to set a good example for others, how to mentor lower ranks and guide others to success. All of these skills are useful to your career, your profession and your life.

Focus and Discipline – With all of the competition for our attention, demands on our time, cell phones and devices, one of the rarest and most valued character traits these days is focus. This is where martial arts training helps. It gives you a short break from digital demands, improving your powers of concentration. Karate teaches focus and concentration through rhythmic breathing and relaxation, step-by-step repetitive movements, personal attention, positive reinforcement, adherence to etiquette and rules (structure), group reinforcement and a sense of belonging. For these reasons, martial arts helps build focus and concentration much better than exercise alone.

Self Defense – It can be a dangerous world out there, and this is especially true when the economy is struggling as it currently is. Martial arts helps improve your agility, balance, endurance, flexibility, and strength. You learn how to defend yourself physically as well as how to avoid physical confrontations in the first place.