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USSD Martial Arts School, Mission Viejo, CA - North

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Build self-confidence

Build self-confidence

We teach the younger generation self-discipline and self-confidence. Martial arts training strengthens all the muscle groups, improves flexibility and coordination, and promotes mental toughness and perseverance. Improved self-esteem is a natural byproduct of this. Our martial arts training program can be helpful to children with physical challenges and to those with behavioral problems or personality traits that have made it difficult for them to succeed at other sports. Children who don’t seem to thrive in team sports often succeed in martial arts.

Some parents may wonder if the martial arts encourage aggressive and show-off behavior. We have found that a shy child is energized by learning martial arts; an energetic child finds a new sense of calm. A bully finds out that he isn’t as tough as he thought he was.

Our instructors are very clear that the skills you learn are for self-defense, not for attacking others. Students also learn that they are responsible for their actions. Being respectful and being responsible are part of a martial arts way of life.